Calendar of Course Offerings

Course Locations & How to Register


  • Vail Pass (from Camp Hale)
  • Summit County (Spring Creek, Tiger Road, Deer Creek)
  • Buena Vista (East Cottonwood Pass)
  • Crested Butte (Kebler Pass*, Taylor Park / West Cottonwood Pass)
  • Lake City (Slumgullion Pass)

Selecting a Course Location
“OPEN” Courses: If a course is listed as “OPEN,” participants can choose the course location from the list below. Simply include course location(s) in order notes.


Course Location Selected: A course that has a specified location behind the date (i.e February 12 – Vail Pass) has already had a specific location selected.

*Kebler Pass is only available to member’s of the Gunnison County SnoTrackers. Contact us for membership details. 


How to Register

First navigate to the course’s specific page. Then…


1.) Choose a date (and location if the date is still showing “Open”) from the drop down menu.


2.) Pay for the course (in-full) using Apple Pay or by using the cart. Once payment is received you will receive a “You’re In” confirmation email. Curious about our cancellation policies? Check them out here.


3.) Within 48 hours of paying for the course, you will receive an additional email with access to a google classroom that has been created specifically for your course. Once logged into the google classroom, start by completing the registration form, and reviewing MMS’s waiver and cancellation policy. 

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